Successful Cath

God really timed our steps as a hospital visiting team today. This was much the case with Aram today. As I arrived to visit Dad and Aram the nurse informed us that she would now be taken for her catheterisation.

Tiny Aram was carried down to the preparation area in the arms of her loving Father. It was lovely to watch the two reciprocally babbling to one another as the doctors arrived to discuss the plan for the procedure. Dad was very calm as Aram was carried away into theatre.
Aram had an exploratory cath which took around 3 hours. The doctors were able to gain the information they needed and are now happy to proceed with surgery in the near future.
Praise God for this successful procedure and for the beautiful life of Aram. Please pray that her surgery is able to be scheduled soon and that her father may come to know Jesus as his daughter’s healer.