Successful cath

Little Miran had his catheterization today and by the time Craig and I arrived at Sheba Hospital, he was already in the middle of it.

We eagerly awaited the results. When I approached the ICU and heard him crying, I was a little concerned at first. However, the nurse was able to calm me down. His catheterisation went well and he can probably return to our family-house in Ashdod tomorrow, together with his Kurdish friend who also had a catheterisation today. Thank the Lord for protecting Miran so well today.

In fact, Miran stopped crying as soon as there was no more doctor in the room and his mother looked relieved. When I wanted to sit down with the two, Miran started to crying again. I guess I looked like a doctor to him with my face mask on. So I quickly left the room again. This is also the reason why Miran is not in the picture. Instead, you can see a photo from a while ago above. After the catherisation, his brown eyes shine just like in the old picture.