Successful cath but no surgery yet

After a couple of delays and recovering from a virus, Liya finally had her diagnostic catheterization today. “She did great,” the doctor told me and Liya’s mother as he wheeled her bed back to her room in the intermediate ICU. However, he discovered some problems with her pulmonary arteries and one of her lungs. This could have been caused by the virus she had recently, and he wants to wait and see how she progresses in the coming days. Either way, based on his findings today, he and the other doctors have decided that Liya is not ready to have the planned surgery yet.

Liya’s mother took this news very well and told me cheerfully that if it’s going to be dangerous for Liya to have the surgery now, it’s definitely better to wait. She couldn’t wait to see her sweet girl, who was already awake and happy immediately after the cath. Please pray that Liya’s arteries and lungs will recover fully from the virus and that she will grow strong enough for surgery soon.