Successful Catheterization for Lalo

Precious Lalo had an interventional Catheterization today at Sheba Medical Center. It was a success, thank God.

The day started early for Lalo and his mother. We were waiting about three hours for the surgery to finish and Lalo to return. While we were waiting, one doctor was so nice to write a text message from the Catheterization room, so Lalo’s mother wouldn’t worry. Such care for the mother!

And thank God, it was good news. Doctors made two balloon attempts in Lalo’s pulmonary artery. This should allow Lalo to receive better oxygen throughout his body.

After so much worry, we are so thankful to God, that He has everything in control, and now our lovely baby boy is doing well. He doesn’t need oxygen assistance now.

Thank you so much for all your prayers!