Successful catheterization for Meera

Meera has been in the intermediate department at Sheba hospital for some time, with a few lingering problems for her. She has come so far in her journey of healing, but still not yet in a good enough condition to be thinking about leaving the hospital.

Today the doctors took her for a cardiac catheterization to dilate some of her blood vessels. It was successful, and Meera was brought out of the procedure after a few hours having experienced the catheterization safely.

The plan now will be to monitor her status, and watch for improvement. It could be that if her condition does not improve, that she might need another surgery.

Her father told me today is the 50th day they have been in the hospital, and for the first time he shared that he is feeling tired from these days. He is a good father for Meera and this comment is in no way a complaint, as he is fully committed to waiting beside her for her healing. Please pray for encouragement for this dad and for little Meera’s improvement.