Successful follow up appointment

Today we picked our little Malak up from Gaza and drove her to Sheba Medical Center for her Echo follow-up appointment. We haven’t seen her for a few weeks now so we were all very happy to meet her and her adorable mother again! During her Echo and the ECG she was very brave and didn’t cry at all, just the waiting times have been a bit difficult for her. She was a bit hungry and couldn’t get food over her sonde as she usually does, but luckily she fell asleep. After a few hours of waiting her doctor could finally talk to us and told us she has to come back in three months for another Echo follow-up. He also doesn’t think, that another surgery will be necessary for Malak, which her mother was so happy about!

Let’s praise the Lord for those good news and thank him as everything went well and we could see Malak and her mother again!