Successful MRI

Anas had his MRI today. The process was blessed from beginning to end. Although I had never been to the MRI building before, we managed to find it in time, and we only had to wait a few minutes for Anas to go in–usually it takes hours! He fussed a bit while being prepped, but he was distracted by a skilled performance of the song “Baby Shark” by one of the present nurses.

The rest of the day consisted mostly of patient waiting, first to emerge from the MRI, which took an hour, and then for him to wake up from his anesthesia, which took several more. His mother and I talked some to pass the time, but mostly we just waited.

But finally Anas woke up, and his doctor told us that everything looked good from the MRI. Praise God! And then, after many hours of fasting from food and water, Anas joyfully ate and drank. What a pleasure to see! Now we wait until later this year for his return and next surgery. We pray for his preservation, well-being, and recovery until then!