Successful Second Surgery

Harzheen our brave princess had her second surgery today in which the doctors tried to finish what they started the first time.

When we came into her room before surgery, she was worried and anxious about what was going to happen. On the way to the surgery room she cried a lot and was holding her mom’s hand. Her mom stayed strong for her but after Harzheen disappeared in the surgery room, she started to cry too.

We sat a long time together trying to comfort her.  During the whole process, the mom was stronger than she was at her daughter’s first surgery. We also had the company of Riham’s mom and Mohammed’s dad and a friend from the hospital who spoke Kurdish with her. He explained everything for her.

Finally after hours of waiting, Harzheen was out of surgery. The surgeon said that everything they planned was done and the surgery was successful. Perhaps today she will be extubated. Praise the Lord for the good surgery result and please pray for a good healing process!