Successful spontaneous surgery today

Today at Sheba Hospital, I wanted to visit little Adam and his lovely mother, but then the doctor told me that he is in his surgery spontaneously! They switched the arteries. The surgery went pretty well without any problem.

Adam’s chest is still open because he is so tiny and he has fluid in his chest. The doctors are probably going to close his chest in around two days, if everything looks good. He is stable for now, but the next hours are very important. He also needs some support, so his heart gets support to pump, but the doctors are very happy about how the surgery went.

After everything was finished in his room, I came again to see also how Adam’s mother is doing and she just lifted up her thumb, really happy. It was nice to see how during the surgery waiting time, the other Gaza mothers and grandmothers were sitting with Adam’s mother to support her!

Thank God that everything went so well. We pray for Adam’s safety now from infection as his chest remains open and for a speedy and successful recovery.