Successful surgery

This morning at Sheba Hospital, Mizgeen had what will, God willing, be the last of three surgeries to correct his single ventricle.

I arrived at the pediatric ward at Sheba hospital to find Mizgeen and his mom taking an early morning walk through the halls before his big surgery.

Mizgeen’s mom was a bit nervous for the surgery. Mizgeen, on the other hand, was exuberant about everything from the Spiderman cartoons he got to watch before going to the operating room, to the small wheelchair the nurse brought for him. “Wow, so cool,” he kept saying under his breath as the nurse wheeled him down the hall to the elevators.

While his mom and I spoke with the surgeon, Mizgeen kept busy playing and, as usual, making friends with all the doctors and nurses.

Mizgeen’s surgery took five hours, during which time I got to enjoy waiting with his mother and another Kurdish mother who joined us. The waiting, while difficult and anxious at times, was really beautiful, and I’m grateful for these hours with them.

There’s a particular sense of overwhelming relief and gratitude when the surgeon comes out to say everything is okay, and today was no exception. Mizgeen’s mom and I both cried tears of joy. “Supas bo xwa,” she kept saying while we hugged– “thanks be to God.”

The operation today was successful and without complications. Mizgeen is still intubated and sedated for now, but the doctors plan to extubate him soon after surgery.

Praise be to God for a successful surgery!