Successful surgery

This morning, Sohaib was brought to the operating room at Sheba Medical Centre. Diagnosed with ventricular septal defect, he traveled with his mother from a refugee camp in Kurdistan for this difficult surgery: a procedure which was considered unfeasible by his doctors in Northern Iraq. Yet, by God’s orchestration, the green light for surgery was given after a second look from the doctors at Sheba.

When I first arrived at the ICU with Quinlan, Sohaib was restless, but under the steadfast care of his mother. The minutes leading up to surgery passed like hours, but the doctors were attentive and calming as they wheeled him into the operating room. “We are praying for Sohaib.” Quinlan said to Sohaib’s mother. “In God’s will,” she replied through tears.

It was a long, difficult wait in the lobby, though she was encouraged by a visit from Brwa’s mother, whose conversation helped keep her mind occupied. Finally, at noon joyful news came: Sohaib did marvelously! The doctor only needed to say, “Ok” and immediately, his mother embraced Quinlan in relief. They were able to successfully close all of the holes between the two lower ventricles of his heart.

They will wait until tomorrow to extubate Sohaib to make sure he remains stable overnight. Please pray for continued healing in this young boy’s heart. We are overjoyed that Sohaib has made it this far when it seemed the door had nearly closed for him!