Successful surgery

Today was the day of Anas’ long awaited surgery. Because Anas has the hypoplastic left heart syndrome, his body is not getting enough oxygen. That’s why the surgeons at Sheba Hospital wanted to place a BT-Shunt today.

Though the surgery was scheduled for 8 am, the surgery nurses picked him up very late in the morning. As a result, the surgery started at 12 noon. And although Anas’ grandmother was already worried about her grandson in the few hours before the surgery, now she couldn’t hold back her tears. And still after some time, she calmed down again and patiently waited for her grandson to come out of surgery. She surely is a very strong woman!

During the waiting time, she told me some things about her family which also showed me what a caring and strong woman she is. I enjoyed every minute of the waiting time with her and I appreciate her a lot. And already after only four hours, Anas came out of the surgery. The doctors asked us to wait outside for a bit longer until they stabilized him. So after fifteen more minutes we were able to see him.

He was looking really good! His surgeons told us that the whole surgery was going as planned. Anas’ grandmother was so much joyous over this and we are also very thankful for that. Thanking God.