Successful surgery

The assistant heart surgeon at Hadassah Hospital reported that Roshna’s surgery went well! The surgery was to redirect the right pulmonary veins from the right atrium to the left atrium.

Roshna did well, even with a very early morning walk to the bus that took us to Hadassah Ein Kerem. Roshna’s mother was very brave until Roshna was asleep. She, understandably, was upset once she had time to think about what her daughter was experiencing. She was able to speak with family and friends who encouraged her throughout the time of the surgery, and even had one couple who came and stayed with her in the waiting room.  It was such a relief to us all when we heard the good news about the successful surgery!

This evening at the hospital, Roshna’s mother sent a beautiful video of Roshna waking up. She has already had the ventilator removed! Thank you for your continued prayers for this sweet girl and her family! We know God is with them and pray they recognize His presence in their lives!