Successful surgery

This afternoon at Sheba Hospital, one year old Anas had his Glenn surgery which is the second of three big heart surgeries common for his heart defect. Because of his underdeveloped left ventricle, the surgeons built a direct connection between the vessels and the pulmonary artery which brings the blood in the upper part of the body directly to the lungs instead of to the heart. This procedure should help in decreasing the pressure on the right ventricle which basically works alone.

Anas’s mother was very worried, but still we had a great time together and talked a lot. She showed me pictures of her family and of Anas, how he was playing this morning while waiting for his surgery. When she realised that I’m trying to learn Arabic, she offered me her help and so we learned together. It helped both of us as I could learn many new phrases and grammar while Anas’s mother was able to distract herself a little.

We enjoyed our time together and I didn’t even realise how fast the time went by. After four and a half hours in surgery, a nurse finally came and said they will be done soon.

Half an hour later he was back in his room and doctors and nurses stabilised him. Once we got the news that everything went well and that Anas was doing well, his mother felt much more relaxed and was finally able to breathe freely. It still took quite a while until we were allowed to go into his room and his mother could see her beloved son again.

The first day after surgery is very important in recovery. Please continue to pray for Anas and his mother.