Successful Surgery!

Before Taman and his mum left to go to the  hospital yesterday evening, the whole team had prayed for his surgery. I have never seen a mum crying so much before the surgery even happened. I think she was just really scared. So when Suhail and I were on our way to the hospital this morning, I prayed again for peace for Taman’s mum. As we arrived, Taman was already out of surgery, lying motionless in his bed. He was still under sedation and looked quite peaceful.

The nurse was just great, as he explained in detail to Taman’s mum and uncle what all of the tubes are for, what medication he is receiving and so on. He also said that the surgeons didn’t do a minimal invasion as planned, because the bypass would be easier during an open heart surgery. Besides he added that everything (Taman’s temperature, his lungs, his blood pressure…) was perfect. I think tomorrow we will know more about his condition. Many thanks to everyone who prayed for Taman’s healing!

The mum told me that she was alright yet she looked really tired and worried as she was sitting next to her boy’s bed, her eyes fixed on him, waiting for him to wake up. Please keep her in your prayers, she needs strength!