Successful Surgery

Yesterday we received a call from the Pediatric ICU of Sheba Medial Center, that Hamzah’s mother, having just given birth a few weeks ago, had some pain and we should take her to the ER. So this morning we drove to Sheba and it was my task for the day to bring her there and make sure that she was fine.

As soon as we arrived to the hospital, I went into Hamzah’s room to pick her up but then she told me that Hamzah is going into his surgery soon! I was really surprised. We didn’t know that it would take place today and I asked her whether she still wants to go the the ER or if she would rather wait for her son. But she was fine with going to the ER, since it probably wouldn’t take as long as the surgery. So we started our journey from office to office, from building to building, until we finally met the right doctor. She took really good care of Hamzah’s mother and she seems to be fine with how everything turned out.

Finally we were done and could go back to the cardiac ICU to wait for Hamzah who was still in his surgery. And finally also he was done. He was still getting stabilized when I talked to his surgeon who told me they were able to do everything as planned. They could fix his arch, placed a band around his pulmonary artery and fixed muscles of his pulmonary valve that were obstructing. We are so thankful for this good news. Thank you for your prayers for this child.