Successful surgery

Written by Michelle:

Coworker Berith was in Hadassah Hospital for much of the day yesterday with Tala and her mother. They were told Tala’s cath would commence around 3 pm but the hours stretched to after 6 pm before the cath began.

Berith stayed with Tala’s mom until the end of the surgery, roughly between 10:30 and 11:00 pm.  A nurse said the catheterization went well. Thank God.

They brought Tala to the PICU directly afterwards and worked there to set Tala up for the night. At that point Berith left the hospital. Thank you for your prayers.

written by Berith:

We were told that baby Tala’s surgery should start about 3 pm yesterday since she had a virus and they couldn’t afford the risk of any other child to be infected by it. In other words, they wanted her to be the last surgery of the day. Little did we know that the procedure of waiting for her mother and me would last altogether about eight hours, but thank God, the surgery itself didn’t take that long. only about four hours. Finally a nurse came to see us, and with a big smile she announced that it was a successful surgery and as soon they have closed up everything, Tala would go to the PICU. When we came there, Tala’s bed was surrounded by doctors and nurses, and they took good care of her. It doesn’t matter how long a time I spend in the waiting room, I always see it as a huge blessing to be able to be there. I see it brings comfort to the caregivers to not be alone, even if we most of the time do not speak.

And today we got the good news that Tala was well enough to go home to Gaza again.