Successful surgery

After a much anticipated wait, Iman had surgery today! It was a very special day because my parents are visiting so they got to experience first hand what it is like on a surgery day at the hospital, and I was so happy it was little Iman’s surgery day, as her mum is like a sister to me.

We were waiting at the door of the OR. At around nine o’clock, the mother of Iman walked out that door and burst into tears. I ran up to embrace her, and she cried into my shoulder. She was clutching the mermaid doll that she had bought Iman at the hospital. We walked over to the chairs, and she continued to weep as we held one another. After a few minutes she looked up and looked at my parents and realized from just looking at us, that we were family. They loved meeting her, and as the wait began to set in, we hunkered down for the hours ahead.

Gradually the table became cluttered with tissues, coffee, water, and cookies. This is one of my favourite sights, like a messy house that you know is well lived in, we are together for this agonizing process. Even in the painful waiting, there was laughter over inside jokes and the not so inside joke of what the families call me. They don’t say Alena, they call me Deike Shevie.

Shevie is our beautiful community dog, equally loved and shared, but I’m her main caregiver and very much like her mum, so they call me Shevie’s mom, which in Kurdish is Deike Shevie. But now that my parents are here, they are known as the grandfather and grandmother of Shevie! Iman’s mother loved this.

Surprisingly, the surgery only took around three and a half hours, which is short compared to most. The surgeon came out to say that everything had gone very well and she would be out in another few hours. Iman’s mum was so joyful that she asked for the doctor’s picture. After she had taken it, he invited her into the photo as well.

When they wheeled Iman out of the OR, her mother jumped up so fast. Iman was brought to the sixth floor to her new room. The elevator could only fit the bed Iman was on and the three nurses so they asked me to bring Iman’s mother up to the sixth floor. For a second we waited for the next elevator but then we looked at eachother and then took off for the stairs, which we sprinted up.

In her big bed, Iman looked like a little doll. She is really so beautiful.,br and we areĀ  overjoyed for how well the surgery went. Her sweet mum is so relieved now that it is over. Please pray for Iman’s recovery, as that stage now begins. We thank God for His work in her life.