Successful surgery for Amin Amin

It was a difficult day for his mother and a long surgery to correct his TGA and also to treat the other defects in his heart. There were tears of sadness at saying goodbye to Amin this morning when he went into surgery and tears of happiness when he came out,

and a lot of companionship from other Kurdish parents who were in and around the hospital.

The experience of picking the new families up at the Jordan border is more involved than previous airport pick-up of Kurdish families. For me, I remember better my first impression of them as we all adjust to each other. You can’t get the measure of someone when you meet them for the first time; getting to know someone takes time.

I thought of this development today as Amin went in for his surgery. I remember meeting him and his mother and wondering what they would be like; somewhere in between picking them up from the border with Jordan and Amin going into surgery today, a great deal of empathy and love has grown. It isn’t just some child going into the operation but it is Amin, the Amin we know and love! We call him “Amin Amin” and rarely – if ever – do we say his name once in a row. He loves when his mother sings to him, and he has a very endearing smile.

He is doing well in the hours after his surgery, so please continue to pray for his recovery.