Successful surgery for little Balsam

When I went to Sheba Hospital to see Balsam’s mother this morning, I spent time with her during Balsam’s operation. I found out that the surgery had been postponed by a few hours.

The goal of the surgery was to switch the great arteries, and the doctors were able to do what they planned to do.  Balsam is stable and the doctors were planning to extubate her a few hours after the surgery.

When coworker Amelie and I came to Balsam’s mother while her daughter was in surgery, she was quite upset and nervous.  After she found out that everything went well and that Balsam was stable, she was very relieved and happy.

Thank you for your prayers!  Praise the LORD for his guidance during the surgery today!  Please keep praying for full recovery of Balsam.