Successful surgery today

Today Ahmed had his surgery and came out of it successfully. Doctors closed all the holes in his heart (VSD and ASD) and placed two valves that are working well.

They detected no pulmonary hypertension, which made the doctors feel optimistic for Ahmed’s recovery.

Prior to surgery, Ahmed was very calm, although he was fasting for a long time. An echocardiogram preceded Ahmed’s surgery. Ahmed’s mother held him until the doctor took him to the surgery room. She cried only a bit and you could see that she was worried for Ahmed, but on the other hand, was also looking forward to having the surgery completed for her son.

While we waited, I experienced once again how valuable it is for our Kurdish mothers to know each other in the hospital. Ahmed’s mother had the opportunity to talk to another mother who’s child was in the same situation as Ahmed just a few days before. It also felt good just to sit and be with Ahmed’s mother myself. She showed me pictures of her family and we called Ahmed‘s uncle who speaks English.

We’re thankful for this good surgery outcome today. Please continue to pray for Ahmed and his mother.