Successful surgery today

“He is strong, right?”

Omar’s mum stood over his bed at Sheba hospital this afternoon as she be agreed this question. What a strong boy he is and what a God we have.

Today, surgeons removed the stent that had been placed there in Omar’s previous catheterization last winter. They also connected the large vein, which brings blood from the upper body to the heart directly to the pulmonary artery, where it will go to the lungs.
Given how unwell Omar was, we didn’t know what to expect from the surgery, but doctors were able to successfully complete the operation.

Please be praying for Omar’s recovery as it might be difficult, and for the coming days which are very important for him. Everything has happened so fast, from his oxygen being around 30 % at our community house on Sunday night, being intubated on Monday morning, a diagnostic cath same day, to the surgery today. It’s all been in rapid succession, so please keep his mother in your prayers as well. This has been unspeakably hard for her; she truly is a wonderful woman who is calm, intelligent, warm, and generous.