Successful Tetralogy of Fallot repair today

Meena had her surgery, Tetralogy of Fallot repair, done today at Sheba hospital. After four hours, a doctor came out of the operating room to say the surgery was done and the heart is functioning well. When Meena was transferred from the operation room to her room in the ICU, her mum walked alongside the bed and phoned all of her family. After she called her husband, she said he cried. We are so thankful to God for this day, that He placed Meena in such a dedicated and loving family.

Last week, the plan was for Meena to have surgery, but another Kurdish child who was urgent, went instead of her. Meena’s mother sh0wed no hint whatsoever of bitterness or disappointment. Since picking up the five Kurdish families at the Jordanian border and during most days since, Meena’s mother has looked not primarily to her own interests, but to the interests of others. To see such selflessness displayed day in and day out when she also carries the weight of the illness of her daughter is remarkable. She is a woman of great strength and great mercy, both of which we saw today as Meena, who was admitted to the hospital last night, went into her operation this morning.

Georgia and I were with her in the waiting as we discussed her life in Kurdistan, and how it has been in the Jaffa house as well. We both reiterated to her the uniqueness of character we see in her and she said, “We must have a merciful heart towards others. What I want for Meena, I also want for the other children in the house,” and she proceeded to name each one.

Thank you for your prayers for this family.