Successful TOF repair surgery for Noor

Noor’s surgery lasted about four hours today. Co-worker Georgia and I sat in the waiting room with Noor’s mother and encouraged her during the difficult moments of waiting. The attending surgeon came out and gave us the joyful news that the surgery went well and was finished. They still needed¬† to close Noor’s chest. Her mother was so happy that she even hugged the doctor with joy. It is always beautiful for me to see that these parents know above all things to whom they owe their thanks when they repeat over and over again the Arabic phrase for Praise be to God, “Al Hamdullulah.”After about forty minutes, Noor got out of surgery and they took her to the ICU. There it took about another hour to stabilize her. Noor’s mother was finally able to join her beloved little daughter in the room. She was happy to finally see her, but at the same time worried, sad and scared to see her intubated and with the machines. We told her that it is to help her and that she is doing good so far, and that she needs to take rest and eat and drink something because she needs strength for Noor now. The doctors said that if everything goes well for the next few days, she will be extubated.¬†Please pray for this wonderful girl for a good recovery and for her lovely, strong and patient mother to find peace in the Lord.