Successfully ‘self’ extubated

When I visited Anas this morning I was surprised to see how well he is doing after his big Glenn surgery at Sheba Hospital yesterday. While visiting him, I saw he opened his eyes when he heard his sister’s voice through the phone. It made him want to move which is really rare for a child not even 24 hours after such a big surgery.

I spent some time with him and was not planning to return when I suddenly saw all the doctors rushing into his room, so I went there again to see what had happened. To everyone’s surprise, Anas extubated himself and tried to climb out of his hospital bed. The doctors made sure he was fine but decided that he doesn’t have to be reintubated. Later he was moved into another bed because he eagerly tried to escape his hospital bed several times. He has to rest for a few more days but everyone was surprised at how good he is doing already.

Thank the Lord for his major improvement and that Anas is doing so well.