Such a Brave Girl

This was such a long and busy day for the sweet Marya. Especially the endless waiting periods between the examinations were so tiresome.

Firstly when we arrived, she had to have an ECG. She was really upset when the nurse attached the electrodes to her skin and even more when she took them off again. However she only cried little.

As we had been sent up and down many times before the x-ray, Marya was very tired and fell asleep in her mum’s arms. Of course she got upset again when we laid her on the x-ray table. However it only took a minute so Marya could quickly go back into her mum’s arms.

Finally we were allowed to move into her room in secondary ICU. During the weighing and the measuring of her size and blood pressure, Marya remained calm and happy, playing around with her patient wristband. Unfortunately the following blood draw was just too much. She screamed her lungs out.

After I came back from looking after Nyaz (who had just come out of surgery) the room was dark and Marya was sleeping peacefully in her bed. I felt so relieved. The little girl had been so brave throughout the whole day!
Jesus I thank you so much for this beautiful little girl and I pray that you will be with her during her catheterization tomorrow!