Such a wonderful mother

When I visited Liya at Sheba Hospital today, I was so surprised how good she looks. All the red spots and bruises on her are gone and she looks so much healthier than two weeks ago! She is awake and reacting to what happens in her room. Her doctor told me that there is no news about Liya which means that they are still waiting for the blood in her brain to go away before they will try a second time to do the Glenn surgery.

I stayed a while with Liya in her room and I was amazed how great her mother is taking care of her. In the long time she is already in the hospital, she learned how to do so many things that usually the nurses do. When the nurse entered the room, they were just doing everything together as a team. It’s so beautiful to see how good friends Liya’s mom is with the doctors and nurses and how she is laughing together with them.

Thank you God for Liya and her wonderful mother!