Suddenly postponed cath

Our dear Yad and his mother got ready this morning to go to the hospital to have finally a cath for Yad tomorrow. But the hospital called us surprisingly to tell us that Yad’s cath is changed.

It was quite a shock and sad message for Yad’s mother. She was waiting so long for her son to have this cath and now it got postponed so suddenly. She was crying and asking several times, “Why? We’ve already waited so long here.” I can understand her completely. It’s not easy.

Some hours later, she was already a little happier again. She is such a lovely woman and a big blessing to all of us. May God bless her and give her all the strength, love and patience she needs.

Little Yad is happy to be not in the hospital. He doesn’t like hospitals. He is enjoying much more the time with the other children, their mothers and his mother in Ashdod.

Please pray that Yad can have his cath soon and everything will go so well that they can go home really soon.