Since Majed got his four chest tubes placed at Hadassah Hospital for the purposes of draining excess fluids, he has been improving a little in his left lung. Because of that, doctors wanted to remove one of his chest tubes on the left side. Unfortunately he deteriorated after they had removed it and Majed hasn’t been doing well after this. His doctor told me today that his lungs are in a really bad condition. Please pray for this little boy who is in our Father’s hands. May the Lord protect him and give the doctors wisdom to treat him well.

Majed’s grandmother who is staying with him, has been suffering from tooth pain. Whenever I visit her she keeps asking about dental treatment. We haven’t been able to take her to a doctor yet, but hopefully that will happen soon. Please pray for her that everything will resolve well and that she will be able to get the right treatment and her pain will be lessened or will dissipate soon.

We commit Majed who is struggling so much right now to God and ask that He be with him and his grandmother and will heal them with his loving and mighty hand.