Sulaiman’s first assessment

Sulaiman, we found out today, is definitely an extrovert. He loved all the attention he got from every person who came to see him at the hospital. He is smiley and was babbling with beautiful sweet noises. He is a treasure for his mother, who today was so tense with worry.

He had a full battery of assessments today: echo, ECG, weight, blood test, chest x-ray. Each of these opportunities to meet somebody new, which he loved, was sadly ruined for him by the unpleasantness of the procedure which he had to endure each time. Sweet Sulaiman found comfort in the arms of his mother.

The doctor confirmed his diagnosis of d-TGA, and that he does need to have a big surgery. However, Sulaiman’s case will be discussed with the medical team before there can be a plan about the specifics; the big question for many of the parents is, can this be corrected in one surgery or does it require two? As Sulaiman’s mother said throughout the day, “Allah Kareem,” acknowledging that God is in control and gives well to us.

Please pray for this sweet family as they wait for the surgery.