Supergirl is discharged

Little Salma was discharged from Sheba Medical Center today, after only three days in the hospital. A real supergirl. Praise the Lord. When co-worker Georgia and I were at the hospital today, Salma’s kind mother told us with joy that she and her little daughter can be discharged from the hospital already – today! What a gift from God.

When we went to her room in the Secondary Pediatric ICU, little Supergirl was peacefully sleeping in her little bed. We brought Salma’s loving mother and little Salma along with three other families to our community house in Jaffa. It is always lovely to see how the mothers that had been with us for a while now, are helping the new mothers that are coming to our home. One of our lovely mothers did this for the mother of Salma today as well.

Both, Salma and her lovely mother are very peaceful, and it is nice to have them with us for a few days. Salma needs to take some medication and come back to the hospital on Sunday for a follow-up. Please pray for our little Supergirl and her kind mother as they are in God’s hands.