It finally happened! Rovar’s long-awaited surgery took place today. Ruth and I headed to the hospital to sit with Rovar’s mum throughout the surgery. Still our first important task turned out to be finding the correct waiting area. To complete this task we had to enter a part of the hospital that I have never been to before. After searching for Rovar on the wrong floor we were told where the operating area was. Following the vague description “Go to the Lobby. Turn left, then right.“ We finally saw Rovar’s mum who jumped up to greet us. The moment I hugged her, her tears started falling. I could feel how scared she was and how deeply she loved her son. A few seconds later she looked at me and tried to smile, a smile that was filled with incredible strength. As we sat down in the waiting area, a man came from the other side of the room and gave us coffee. Little did we know that he would become an angel throughout the surgery. He was waiting for his grandson’s surgery to be completed, still he would come to us and provide loads of food and drinks. He showed so much love for us even though we were total strangers to him.

Rovar’s mum requested to pray for the surgery so Ruth and I fulfilled this request happily. Hearing that we sent the prayer request to the rest of the Jaffa staff made Rovar’s mum very happy.  Although her thoughts must have been consumed by Rovar’s surgery, she was able to share pictures with us and have uplifting conversations with the other persons in the room. Still, you saw how scared she was whenever a conversation grew quiet. Her eyes would fixate on the glass door of the operating area and you could tell how deeply she longed to hold her son and tell him that everything would be alright.

Finally, the waiting ended and Rovar was brought to his room. His mum was so happy and relieved to see Rovar. She accompanied his bed, being always close to her son. Her happiness was lighting up her surroundings wherever they went. Rovar was brought up to his room and had to go through a few procedures before he could be alone. Even though this little boy was exhausted and did not like what was done to him, he stood through it bravely. During these procedures Rovar’s mum would never leave his side as well. In stroking his hair and holding him, she was pouring out her love for Rovar. A real-life superhero.

Rovar’s room was filled with strength from both Rovar and his mum. In the end, Rovar proudly announced that he is now like Spider-Man because of his line on his hand. And as Spider-Man needs to sleep after being a superhero, so did Rovar. With his mum stroking his head he fell asleep our incredibly brave superhero.