As we reached the hospital this morning, Wareen’s surgery has been already started. But when we found her dad, he was, considering his situation, really in a good mood. He spoke with all the different nurses and doctors to find out about Wareen and even took a selfie with the surgeons assistant of his daughters surgery. They also exchanged their numbers and he proudly showed us their chat. He is a humorous men. Of course he was really concerned about his daughter, but still we could chat a lot and also had many laughs about our funny Kurdish and English mix we are speaking with one another, so. And we also prayed together.

Wareen’s surgery went well. The doctors could fix six different problems she had, for example closing a whole in her heart and preparing her valves. But still the doctors are a bit worried about her low blood pressure and other small problems which came up. So, please really pray for her next hours, which are important for the outcome of the surgery.