Surgery completed

Last week, after Maili’s mother fainted just her daughter’s cath, she joked that on the day of Maili’s surgery, she will need anesthesia in addition to Maili, in order to endure the waiting period of the surgery.

I am happy to report that Maili’s mum did not need to be anesthetized during the wait. Quite the contrary, she was very calm for most of it. She often called her family to update them as to how the surgery was going, and to tell of what the surgery would entail. She explained the surgery involved rerouting the blood flow from Maili’s upper body to her pulmonary artery and then to her lungs. It was good for Maili’s mum to ask the surgeon the level of difficulty of the surgery, because by cardiac standards, this operation is not complex.

Another Kurdish mother waited with us and we enjoyed getting lost in looking at family photos from our respective households and homes. As we browsed through pictures, I noticed how Maili’s mother not only has a beautiful face, but that smiling looks to be natural to her countenance. Her face is indicative of her demeanor; it exudes warmth and joy. This is most obvious when she is speaking of her children. This is one of my favorite things about her.

The procedure took a few hours longer than we were initially told and for the last two hours we could see that Maili’s mum was under so much stress.

At around nine in the evening, with her surgery having started at three that afternoon, Maili was wheeled from the operating room to the ICU. She and the other Kurdish mothers had been fasting since early morning for Ramadan, and even though they could break their fast at seven thirty, they all waited until Maili was out of surgery to eat and drink.

Please continue to pray for Maili. Her mother often prays that God will watch over her. Tonight, as Maili recovers from surgery, we thank God that it is completed, and we ask Him to hold Maili in his hands.