Surgery Day!

The day arrived, after a few days waiting in the hospital, that Mustafa was scheduled for his Glenn surgery.

When we arrived, he was already in the operating room. His mum showed me some photos that they took together before he went into surgery, and also him earlier this morning and during their stay here. He is always looking so happy and full of joy.

During the surgery, his mum also was in a very lovely mood, sometimes wanting to chat and share coffee and photos, but never wanting to stray too far from outside the doors of the operating room. She is a really lovely person, so dedicated to her baby.

Thank God that the surgery was over within the expected time, and Mustafa was able to be stabilised in the intensive care unit. The nurses continued to work on him, and monitored him closely, but the mother was able to relax and take photos of her baby.
Please pray that he improves and that God will protect him as he recovers from the surgery.