Surgery day

Fathi is from Gaza yet here he is in hospital in Israel. He is 20 days old his mum told me. “Inshallah” he would be having surgery today, she said. She is anxious to home as her own heart is torn between the tiny intubated baby lying in hospital, and her other three beautiful young children at home. She wants to be at home with them soon and is hoping that another relative can swap with her, so she can return to the other children who are crying for her. But it has been a difficult few days. I was told that the stent placed via cath last week had failed and that he needs to have a surgery to place a BT shunt.

I really enjoyed meeting his mum. She was very welcoming, and told us that she was married for 10 years before she and her husband were able to have children. She also began IVF treatment, so deep was their desire to have children. I could see how her heart was full of love as she beamed whilst showing me photos of her other children; she has twin boys and a girl. Fathi looks a lot like one of his brothers!

Praise God, that today was the day God opened the door for surgery for little Fathi. As we waited, his mother invited co-worker Joela and me to eat with her. Over our meal she shared a little about Gaza. She told us that the doctors in the Israeli hospital are very clever, and they have much more equipment. In Gaza they are able to provide oxygen and just this. She said the surgery on her precious baby’s heart is so difficult, and it wouldn’t be safe for him to have a surgery like this in Gaza. She was worried that he would die there, but here in Israel, she felt more confident.

And thankfully the surgery has been successfully completed. Fathi had some bleeding, and his blood pressure dropped, but now as he receives a blood transfusion, his blood pressure is increasing and he is growing increasingly stable.

Please keep praying that God would bless the functioning of little Fathi’s heart and keep him safe. Please also pray for the peace of God over his whole family, especially his lovely mother.