Surgery day


Halbast has been in the hospital since the day of his first assessment. We have been very pleased that he is there rather than at home; with his extremely low oxygen saturation and being generally unwell, it is much better that he is in the expert hands of the hospital staff.

Last night, Julio was called to translate for this lovely mother, as they wanted to prepare her for  Halbast’s surgery today. I went to Halbast’s mum shortly after he was taken into the operating room, at 8 o’clock. She was crying a little and looked very alone, so I was pleased that I could spend some time with her. It must be so difficult to release her baby into the hands of the doctors, and wait for five hours in a place where she can’t speak a common language.

She immediately showed me all the photos of Halbast on her phone. He is very handsome!
We later went to join the other families in the cardiac unit, which was a nice experience. I think we all enjoyed being together as there were a lot of us, and it starts to feel like a family.

The good news for Halbast is that after the five hour surgery, we learned that it had been successful. All they needed to do was close his chest and stabilize him in the ICU. Thank God.  We all breathed in relief and gratitude.

One of the surgeons explained that they had been able to fix the AV canal and replace the pulmonary valve. He was proud to share that he had been working alongside one of the best cardiac surgeons in the world on Halbast’s case today.

So as I am writing this, Halbast is recovering in the ICU. We need to pray that his body heals well from this surgery and also to thank God for the skill of the medical staff who are working with him.