Surgery Day

Drood was taken into surgery this morning, just after 8 am. The waiting time passed quickly with his father. Although he was worried about the well-being of his precious and youngest son during those four long surgery hours, he coped well, with his attention distracted from the surgery by showing me pictures of his other three children back in Kurdistan, and by finding a cup of tea.

Drood was brought out of the operating room just over four hours from the start of the surgery, as predicted. Of course his father jumped up very eagerly to see him, and asked the surgeon about the operation.Thankfully, the surgeon told us that it had been very successful and without any complications. They were able to close the hole in his heart, and they hoped for a good recovery.

Drood was quickly stabilised in the Intensive Care Unit, and his father was able to sit at his bedside. Later on this evening, we heard that Drood had already been extubated! Praise God for the successful surgery, and for the quick recovery so far.