Surgery Day

Pictured the night before her operation

When we arrived at Sheba hospital Rimas had already been taken back for surgery. We waited for the mom in the waiting room. In a few minutes she came thru the doors, visibly very stressed. We sat with her while she called family members and cried a little. We were able to move to another waiting room so she could lie down. The surgery lasted over 3 hours. When the doctor came out, he said all went well but the VSD repair was a lot larger than they had thought. Talking to the Dr further we found out the although this part of Rimas treatment went well when she is strong enough, probably in a week, she will need a second surgery. During this surgery the Doctors discovered that little Rimas also has a problem with her tricuspid valve, which they can repair in another surgery and an internal pace maker will be required. Little Rimas is in the ICU and still sedated and intubated. Mom is glad to be with her.

Please pray Rimas recovers and gets strong for the next surgery and complete healing.