Surgery day

Today was Kenan’s surgery. He had to fast since 3:00 a.m. This was difficult for him since he went into surgery at 2:00 p.m. today. The surgery took four hours and was successful. Co-worker Georgia and I spent the waiting time together with Kenan’s mom, she was doing very well during the waiting time.

When Kenan came out of surgery and a nurse told us everything went well, Kenan’s mother was extremely happy and wore a bright smile on her face. She almost ran to get her bags to be with her son as soon as possible which was the ICU for now.

When we went to the ICU, she still had to wait for a short time because they had to stabilize Kenan. When she could go to him, he was sleeping peacefully. Mom was a little bit shocked and probably afraid because she cried a little bit at the sight of him. I told her that he is fine and I know that it must be difficult to see him with all the tubes and everything but he is doing fine, that everything went well and almost every child that is coming out of surgery looks like this. This helped to calm her down.

In the last few days, I witnessed how much she loves her Kenan. She is always taking loving care of him and is happy when he is happy. It is lovely to see that even though Kenan is so small, he seems to understand who his mother is. Please pray for a good recovery now for Kenan and for peace and strength for his mother and her whole family also back in Gaza.