Surgery day

Rawen had his surgery today at Sheba hospital and it went well! Praise the Lord!

He went into surgery this morning. When I came in the hospital, Rawen’s mother was sitting in the waiting room. She was really nervous. She talked a lot with her family, she was pacing, praying and crying. When the surgeon came in after four hours with good news, she hugged me and my co-worker Alena. She was so happy and relieved!

Rawen’s mother called his grandmother with the good news. And she also said: ‘Mom, I’m not alone.’ And she introduced me and coworker Alena to her mother.

And that’s why we are there. Sometimes it feels like we are sitting with a mother for no reason. We can’t help her, we can’t easily communicate, but she knows she is not alone. And that is the most important thing in this situation. But also God was there. He is the one to praise. He is always there for us.

Please pray for a good recovery for Rawen.