Surgery day

Seif had to go into surgery at Sheba Hospital today. The doctors tried last week to remove Saif’s tracheostomy and prepare him for breathing normally. After two failed attempts, they determined part of Saif’s trachea above the tracheostomy had closed with the passing of time and has to be reopened to enable normal breathing. This surgery was today through an endoscopic procedure.

When Seif was called into surgery at eleven o’clock this morning, his mother waited patiently with us in the waiting area. She was really worried because she knew that a surgery at the throat is complicated and has risks. No one really knew how long it would take, so we were surprised to hear that the surgery was finished after just two hours. It was a beautiful picture to see his mother being overwhelmed by relief when she saw her cute son. Although everything seemed good, we saw that he still had his tracheostomy. His surgeon told us that they couldn’t open his throat because the scar tissue is too hard and that they will need to do an open-surgery to fix it. The risk of getting a cold in winter is too high so they will need to do it in four to six months.

Pray for Seif in the time he is still with his tracheostomy, that he will be healthy and safe. Please also pray for Saif’s mother in this time of waiting. She really wants the struggles that the tracheostomy brings daily to their lives, to be gone and done with once and for all.