Surgery day

When I sat with Rahaf’s grandmother today she proudly told me that Rahaf had her surgery today and is doing good. First I thought something got lost in translation because my Arabic language skills are not really existent, but when I came into her room, the nurse confirmed that she had successful surgery this morning. They took her in for surgery at seven and she was all done already two hours later. The surgery went without complications and they were able to fix her interrupted aortic arch by connecting the two ends of the aorta that weren’t connected before. She is doing very well after surgery and maybe even can get extubated in the next days. When her grandmother and I stood besides her bed, she opened her eyes a little bit and looked around the room before she fell asleep again to rest some more after this exhausting day.

Let us pray for her further recovery and thank the Lord for everything he has done for her today and in the days since she was born into this world.