Surgery day

Today I had to go to the hospital at 6:30 a.m. for Ibrahim’s surgery because he was first on the list. The doctor told us that Ibrahim had a leak in his heart and that they didn’t know exactly where it was, which is why this surgery was necessary. He also mentioned that this operation was risky because it was Ibrahim’s third heart operation.

During the operation Ibrahim’s mother was praying all the time, she seemed calm but she was a little afraid of what could happen and more so because of what the doctor had told us.

They also told us that the operation would last about six hours but the truth it lasted almost nine. In the end, Ibrahim’s mother was quite desperate because no doctor had come to tell us anything. Finally we decided to go find out some information and they told us that Ibrahim had been put in the PICU.

After waiting until they got Ibrahim all settled in his room, I managed to talk to the doctor and the only thing he could tell us was that it was a successful operation and that if everything continues well, they would extubate him today or tomorrow. He couldn’t give us details because he was very busy.

Please support Ibrahim in prayer so that his recovery will be quick and that this is the last operation that he undergoes.