Surgery Day!

Today, very early in the morning, our beautiful Ozhen was taken to the surgery room for his open heart surgery. When I arrived at the hospital, the anesthesiologist and the nurse were already explaining his mother the consent forms, which she had to sign. Also somebody helped her with translation, which facilitated the whole process especially for his mother. Ozhen was very upset and cried all the time. His mom also was a little afraid, but at the same time she seemed very strong. When we came to another room next to the surgeries rooms, Ozhen explored the place and also enjoyed the games they had. After some minutes, the anesthesiologist came to us and put Ozhen falling asleep. As a last good-bye, his mom gave him a kiss and then, they took Ozhen to the surgery room. The moment, we went to the waiting room, I only thought “God, please give her your peace.” I cannot speak her language, so it’s sometimes frustrating. But I know that God is the only one who can calm our hearts in difficult times.
During the long waiting, she talked with her husband. Also I tried to distract her by showing some pictures. After a while, we went to visit Mateen’s mother and they talked a lot. Also, around three hours later Zinar’s mother arrived. She also spent a long time with Ozhen’s mother. What a blessing to Ozhen’s mother! It’s really nice to see, how the mothers care for each other and help each other.
After a long time, finally the doctor came out! The surgery has finished, but he showed hypothermia, that’s why they had to heat him a bit. But thanks God, in general his surgery looks successful!
After some more waiting, Sofie and Noa had joined us as he finally came out. He is so beautiful and sweet! If everything continues well, he can be extubated today or tomorrow. His mom was really happy about his stable condition. Please remember this beautiful family in your prayers. Let us pray for completion of ozhen’s healing and for peace and strength for his mother.