Surgery Day

It was a surprise to all of us that the hospital planned for Mateen’s surgery to be just days after his catheterisation. Mum had been worried and I had told her that she will come back and wait for at least a week before the surgery, but no! Thank God, He had other plans and Mateen’s surgery was scheduled for today. This is such a blessing because waiting to know when the surgery will be is a difficult a stressful time for the families.

I joined Mateen’s beautiful and elegant mum in the hospital today. Mateen was asleep, in his classic sideways position, (“like a clock,” his mum says). He woke only briefly during a phone call with his father, and then to look at his mum for a few seconds as she said goodbye and handed him to the nurse at the doors into the operating room.

As we waited, Aram’s father came into the room to give his best wishes with his tiny baby who has had a successful surgery. Mateen’s mother happily told me through a few tears that she feels like every baby with Down Syndrome is her own baby. She has such a big heart, and is so compassionate and thoughtful towards the other families here.

We waited together for Mateen’s surgery to be completed; the hours passed and she told me about her family, about Kurdistan, about Kurdish clothes and food.

We grew tired together, but finally after 5 hours Mateen emerged in his bed from behind the OR doors. The surgeon explained that it had been a very successful surgery. His heart has been completely repaired, and at the moment it doesn’t look like he would need another surgery in the future. Mateen’s mum was so happy to hear this news!

As he was stabilized for another hour in his room, I shared with mum how it is very special for me that Mateen has had surgery on this day, because we are heading into the time where we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection this weekend. I told her how I hoped that Mateen will heal soon and be brought into the fullness of life.

Please pray that his body will continue to be safely in the hands of the Father, and also that Mateen’s mother will come to know the resurrection power and love of Jesus.