Surgery Day!

I was really excited that the day of Nyaz’s surgery had finally arrived. Very early in the morning, I drove to the hospital, because her surgery was going to be the first one, usually around 8am. So when I arrived at the hospital, I thought I would be really late, but surprisingly I was not! Thank God, I could stay with her mom and Nyaz the whole time of the surgery. When I first saw her, she was still peacefully sleeping in her bed in the ICU. After some time, they started to make a brain and kidney ultrasound and after maybe two more hours, the surgical team came and took her to the OR.

Her mother was in a good mood all the time. She is really amazing. Although, I cannot speak her language, love and the peace have been enough for this time of waiting. We prayed together and her mom was really confident about a good outcome of the surgery.

After around four hours, finally Nyaz came out of her surgery! As the surgical team still had to prepare her in the ICU, her mother nervously could hardly wait to see her. But after some more waiting, mother and daughter were reunited and she was so happy to see her little princess again. The doctor told us that everything looks good and if everything continues well, she can be extubated today. Please keep this beautiful life and her mom in your prayers!