Surgery Day

Svea and I joined the group of Kurdish parents sitting outside the ICU doors this morning. Sahand went into surgery just after 8am.

Sahand’s father waited patiently for the process. These are the most difficult hours, when a parent entrusts their child to the medical team, and they disappear through the doors into the OR. Sahand has really grown in confidence during the time we have got to know him here in Shevet. He no longer cries when we check his oxygen levels at home, and we have got to see his beautiful happy personality.

Dad showed me and Svea some of the photos of Sahand’s hospital experience thus far, and so it is hard to see this usually happy boy bring so upset in these photos. Thankfully he has a strong and loving father with him, who is devoted to his wellbeing and care.

Sahand’s surgery took around 5 hours, and he was stabilised in the ICU. He is neighbours with Nyaz and also close to Wareen. Also as we were there with Mateen’s mum, she was able to translate the information from the surgery for dad. We have to wait over these next 24 hours and pray that it has been a success and that Sahand’s body will heal well.