Surgery Day

Last night the ICU called Georgia to ask her if we could bring Zhya in tonight. This was a bit of a surprise, especially because they didn’t ask to see him tomorrow, but immediately. Jonathan then took Zhya and his mum to Sheba to meet with the doctor to discuss their options which were the following: have the surgery this morning , but with a serious amount of risk involved because of his high lung pressure, or don’t have the surgery, and leave him in his current state of relatively good health, but his life expectancy would not be very long. The surgery, some of the doctors in the conference surmised, was actually so risky that there was a chance he could die in the operating room. His mom called his family to discuss, and in the end they decided to do the surgery, because they wanted to give him the best chance of longer and healthier life.

They kept him overnight at the hospital, then, and slated him for surgery today. His sweet mum was inconsolable, understandably. One thing that helped her was Taman’s uncle also staying in the hospital to be with his sister-in-law and nephew, so it was a blessing for him to be there for support and translation during this time. The wait was agonizing especially because she knew the risk. She constantly prayed, her eyes were never dry, and at one point motioned that she wanted to smash her phone, fling her water across the room, and beat the air because of how much she wanted to see Zhya.

After about five hours the surgeon came out to tell us the surgery was finished. They had been able to do the procedure, but, he continued, these next 48 hours are extremely critical and still very risky because it all depends how his body reacts to the operation. Zhya isn’t out of the woods yet, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to ask God for a miracle for Zhya. When I think of what the surgeon said, I can feel like I’m asking too much of God, but of course this isn’t true. So tonight, we’re asking the King to work a miracle for Zhya. Whether or not complete healing comes, this is what we are asking for. And also please intercede for his mother, who doesn’t have the usually solace of knowing her child has come out of surgery with a hopeful recovery ahead, she is still crying out on behalf Zhya, and we along with her, but also we cry out for her; we ask for the knowledge of God’s character to be her strength, He is unfailingly good and loving, and the only one who can get her through this time.