Surgery day for a precious life

Hena is one of the smallest Kurdish babies we have here in our Shevet community at the moment. Today was the day for her life-saving surgery that many people have prayed for, stepped forward to advocate on her behalf for, and worked hard for. Her uncle, who has taken on the extra special task of being her guardian throughout this important trip, has found the last few days to be growing heavy, so today’s surgery was especially welcomed by him.

There are a couple of other Kurdish fathers in the hospital at the moment, and as Hena’s uncle can speak Arabic and Kurdish, he has spent time with both of these dads. It was good to see the other two come to sit alongside Hena’s uncle during the long waiting hours. After a while into the afternoon, our discussion was interrupted by the familiar bleeping sound of machines and a bed being wheeled out from behind the OR doors. This is always a dramatic moment no matter who it involves, and today was no different. Hena was brought out before us. Of course Hena’s uncle realised too, and we watched together the magical moment of baby Hena arriving safely outside of the doors. The brief update of three words was called out, “ameliya tamam, alhamdulilah!,” confirming the surgery had been successful, thank God. And with that, Hena was transfered to the ICU.

After around forty-five minutes, we entered into her room, and as we looked together at this tiny baby before our eyes, connected to so many tubes, machines and wires, her uncle gave me a look of amazement. We took a moment to reflect silently that something really wonderful has happened today. Thank God that He has been faithful to see Hena, and to count her little life as valuable. Amen.